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RESULTS: As youth moved from late childhood to midadolescence, they shifted from having almost exclusively same-sex, same-grade friends to having more relationships with persons who are of the opposite sex and older.

Major interests research in child and adolescent development and the affective disorders. Psychiatric training at the Menninger Foundation and the Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Institute, Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago.Once a year, researchers from the University of Georgia’s School of Public Health interviewed the students, asking them about their romantic lives, as well as their drug and alcohol use.From teachers, researchers collected academic evaluations — how organized and hard-working was the student?According to a six-year longitudinal study that looks at teenagers’ dating patterns, partying habits, and study skills, the simple answer is: no.The study, published online last week by the , followed 620 students—half male, half female—from sixth grade through their senior year of high school.

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