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While you’re here, please sign up for my newsletter to get periodic updates and links to new and popular posts. It had tweezers and band aids and a mini-scissors in a small red tin with a white cross on it. When we got home, I told him he had to go to his room.

I have a lot of other great blog posts on parenting that I think you’ll enjoy, as well as a Resources section with websites and books I recommend. He continued grumbling and whining while I drove home, which was thankfully only a few minutes away.

The final analytic sample included 20,607 participants.

“But I wasn’t chewing any gum,” the 10-year-old begged, insisting he was innocent. The door to the hallway was only partially closed, allowing Liz Dwyer, a student at the time who says she witnessed the incident at Muessel Elementary School in South Bend, Indiana, to clearly hear the screams of the third-grader in the music room.

“Now you’re really going to get it because you keep lying to me.” In a scene more reminiscent of a Victorian orphanage or an 1800s one-room schoolhouse, the wooden paddle allegedly hit the child’s backside about a dozen times, each smack accompanied by wailing cries.

Children in some families feared their parents, and misbehavior was met with spanking, yelling or harsh criticism. For families with long histories of trauma, child abuse and neglect, patterns can be difficult to change.

But several local organizations are dedicated to the cause — among them the Parent Connection, Casa de los Niños and the Pima County Parenting Coalition.

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