Anime fan dating site

Jackson has delightful responses to all of these questions.

But one, in particular, is the question whether or not Jackson likes anime, to which the answer was “yes.” He also likes hentai, which as we all know is the more adult anime out there, often featuring pornographic situations. Jackson is all about anime and hentai, it seems, and that makes him seem like an even more accessible guy as if we didn’t want to hang out with him the most already..

A new dating site just rolled out dedicated to helping you find the Minnie to your Mickey Mouse.

Gleich am Anfang der Website g33prangert groß folgender Text: Die erste deutsche Geek Dating Seite für alle Gamer, Cosplayer, LARP Helden, Anime & Manga Otakus, Reenactment Darsteller, Pen & Paper Protagonisten, Brettspiel Feinschmecker und natürlich, Comic und Bücher Fans! When you meet another anime fan, you instantly have something to bond with them about.Discussing shows, video games, new foods, going to cons and possibly finding a new best friend. All the micro transactions and premium membership dues you find in other traditional dating apps are non-existent.Somit hat sich die Dating-Plattform klar für die genannten Zielgruppen definiert.Mit einem sogenannten „Geek Compatibility“-Algorithmus sollen auf Wunsch Vorschläge für potenzielle Partner gegeben werden.

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