Baek sung hyun and park shin hye dating

However, those few are clearly marked with a “Genre alert! The most recent batch of romantic K-dramas has been more angsty and edgy, making it harder to find good rom-com fun.

So I’ve started to add a few rom-coms from other Asian countries, just to give you more options.

In the smash hit Boys Over Flowers, Lee played the character of Sakurako Sanjo in the source manga Hana Yori Dango, who was mercilessly teased for being homely as a young girl, then undergoes extensive plastic surgery and becomes a backstabbing frenemy to win the heart of her tormentor.

Lee then played the mistress of a married man in the surrogacy melodrama Loving You a Thousand Times.

What would a great romantic drama be without great romantic music?

Even reading about romantic dramas is more fun with the right background music.

With her unruly hair and freckled cheeks, she doesn’t paint the picture of a stunning woman.

She Was Pretty Episode 2 Review Kim Hye Jin finally got the break she has been longing for. Her first day on the job was pretty eventful – running into Shin Hyuk and almost getting in late.

Yang said he first met Seo when the musician came to him to learn how to dance.

"Blown away" by his music, Yang offered to join the group and they later recruited Lee who was one of the top dancers in Korea.

She Was Pretty Episode 1 Review She Was Pretty is the story of Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum).

She’s a struggling adult who works as a waitress at a bar.

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