Dating van briggle marks

Dating Van Briggle pottery is often revealed in the differences in the color of the clay, numbers, and even residue on the bottom.

The artist initials, of course, will tell a collector much about the date.

Salem China Company - Salem, Ohio, 1898 to present (in 1968 they stopped making china). Since 1968 they have been a sales and service organization. Co.", "Royal Ovington's", "Seneca China", "Harmony House", "Coffee Break", "Victory", "Quaker Girl" 1748 - present.

The date code for Salem China is as follows: The number signifies the year of manufacture; the letter identifies the decorator. There are several other marks other than the ones shown above.

With a basic knowledge of clay color and texture and bottom markings, approximate dating of Van Briggle Pottery can easily be determined.

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Although he was a talented painter who had displayed and won awards in Europe, from 1899 until his death Artus devoted himself almost exclusively to the craft and art of pottery.Typical Roman numeral marks for Van Briggle include: III for 19 examples; and V for 1904 examples.Van Briggle Pottery produced in 1905 can be found marked with a wider variety of Roman numerals including V, X, VV, and VX.In the early days, it was believed the Colorado clay played a significant role – and it likely did.But now, just as then, it’s more the artists efforts and the attention to detail that make these so collectible and valuable.

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