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It drives me nuts, because ultimately it drives them nuts and they get frustrated and complain and think Tableau is hard and needlessly complex. And we can use it as discrete (blue) or continuous (green). Date parts are just the individual parts of a date – all by themselves. If I had selected the Date Part of Day then I would have a bar chart of every day (1 of a Month: November 8, 1980; December 8, 2015; February 8, 2025. So take that date and assume it has time included: November 8, 1980 am Depending on what level of detail you select you’ll get a value that is truncated (lower levels of details getting cut off). Not much to say, except that this is the exact date value in the data. Just the exact date to whatever precision the data contains (including time if applicable).But it’s not Tableau – it’s the way they’ve been taught or the way they’ve made assumptions. The two primary sections that need to be understood are the two sections of dates. So a date of November 8, 1980 could be broken down into individual parts: And when I use just one of those parts as a dimension in a viz, then I’m telling Tableau, “Aggregate all the measures at the level of that date part.” So, for example, when I put a Date on Columns and then select the Date Part of Month, I might get a view like this: I’m telling Tableau, give me the SUM of sales for each Month (as a date part). Now, some people have been taught to refer to Date Parts as “Discrete Dates”. Let’s rearrange the date and pretend we’re building a bar chart so we can see it better: Year Month Day Hour Minute Second 1980 November 8 05 46 00 Again, some people have been taught that these are “continuous dates.” They are not. This one can also be either discrete or continuous (it is continuous by default).Getting some dating on the side doesn't need to be difficult. Get instant access to real women and men who want to keep your relationship under wraps. No one judging, no one looking over your shoulder, just a platform where you can find romance, passion and even for a moment, escape… It’s difficult to meet people, especially when you’re looking for that discreet interaction. Through our truly interactive platform, giving you free video and audio chat options (until Mar. It’s all about making that connection; to do that you need to be seen.You may not want to end current relationship or not ready to enter into a relationship. Are you an abandoned lover looking for an exciting and stimulating relationship without effecting your current relationship?Our aim is to connect like-minded adults to satisfy all fantasies of both parties.Married Affairs provides the discreet introductions for you to meet your dream man or woman for a passionate and long love making session with no strings attached as either an ongoing affair or casual rendezvous.

The following axes are always continuous: format, which will render 8,000,000 as "8 million", you can localize the strings into other languages by specifying a language code when you load the Google Charts library.

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And numeric and date fields can also be used as either Discrete or Continuous.

That’s just the default, but once the fields in the view, you can use the drop down to convert almost any field back and forth between Measure and Dimension and between Discrete and Continuous: In summary: Almost any field in the view can be used as either a Dimension or a Measure.

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