Error 154 image updating error

The Typhoon was designed and is manufactured by a consortium of Alenia Aermacchi (Leonardo since 2017), Airbus Group, and BAE Systems that conducts the majority of the project through a joint holding company, Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug Gmb H formed in 1986.NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency manages the project and is the prime customer.

RUU error 155 Hello, I have HTC wildfire (buzz) with custom ROM installed - Rem Puzzle Rom_2.2.1, and I need to return it to store. I was going back to stock ruu and I keep getting error 155.

The aircraft's development effectively began in 1983 with the Future European Fighter Aircraft programme, a multinational collaboration among the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Disagreements over design authority and operational requirements led France to leave the consortium to develop the Dassault Rafale independently.

So I cannot install a recovery image and cannot either access to the fastboot because I don't have one (I only have "RUU" on my screen). I spent a solution for several days, so I will share if someone also solve the same problem I tried everything described above, but nothing helped.

So when I try to install the I get this message : BRAVO PVT1 SHIP S-ON HBOOT-1.02.0001 MICROP-031d TOUCH PANEL-SYNW0101 RADIO-5. RUU [1] BOOT - OK [2] BOOTLOADER - OK [3] RADIO_v2 - Fail-PU [4] RADIO_CUST -OK [5] RECOVERY - OK [6] SPLASH1 - OK [7] SYSTEM - OK [8] USERDATA - OK Partition update fail!

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