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To manually create an invoice on Service Channel, log on to corp.Look up the work order by using the Track WO/PO option from the main menu Once you find the right work order, click Create Invoice.

Please note: the work order’s status must be Completed or Completed/ Confirmed to see the Create Invoice option When the Create Invoice screen appears, enter your invoice information which includes your invoice number, the completed job description, and your invoice amount breakdown.

When a bank underwrites a mortgage, it owns the rights to the future stream of income provided by the borrower repaying the loan.

Effectively, it creates an asset on its balance sheet.

Transactions can be accessed both on the overview page and in the left hand navigation.

This list of most time-consuming web transactions provides aggregated details around the surfaced slow transactions occurring during a specified time window alongside the total response time for each.

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These work orders will show the status Completed/Pending Confirmation.Further, it is difficult to attract a market of buyers looking to purchase a single mortgage due to the risk of the borrower defaulting on the loan.If the bank wanted to liquidate this asset, it would have to offer a substantial discount to compensate for the higher degree of risk.Drill into these transactions to discover specific details around each individual transaction, where time is being spent, throughput and drill into transaction traces.External service instrumentation captures calls to out-of-process services such as web services, resources in the cloud, and any other network calls.

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