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If you work here, you might not be able to leave because she also gives awful backdoor references to anyone that tries to leave.

Cons CEO doesn't want to pay people for their services and expects "we're a startup" to be the excuse for any shortcomings, whether about the tightness of the wallet or the inability to just get it together.

Founder Dating, which is a sort of “Linked In for entrepreneurs” (not a dating site for well-heeled founders), is adding a new question-and-answer site for its members that it’s calling Founder Dating Discuss.

The company has been beta-testing the service for awhile.

Discussions on the site are open to all Founder Dating users, but they are moderated — anything that smacks of self-promotion or job offers won’t pass muster.

“I’d describe FD: Discuss as if Quora and Reddit had an entrepreneurial baby.

Additionally, it makes no sense to try to foster communities nationwide when the whole point is to get people to use the online network.

It seems more like a marketing ploy to give the impression that the site is more exclusive than it really is.

Considering how they handle credit card charges, I would think they would take as many as they can get. Well, one of my biggest gripes about the site is that it’s one of those “” sites.

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