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This step was taken so Europeans wouldn't get confused, as many of them know nothing about the rules of the Hebrew language.

The Jewish New Year falls in September or October by Christian calendar reckoning. Explore it as follows: the first two characters from the right indicating the number of years in hundreds: tav (ת, 400), plus shin (ש, 300).

Before the Bikram Sambat era came into official use, another dating system had been used in Nepal.

Historians call it the Saka era (also Shaka Sambat or Shalivahana era).

The Hebrew dating on the coins of modern Israel is 3760 years greater than the Christian dating; for instance, 5735 Hebrew is equivalent to 1975 AD; with the 5,000 assumed starting from 1948 AD (5708 Hebrew) until 1981 AD (5741 Hebrew), when full dates appear on the coins. The next is lamedh (ל, 30), followed by a separation mark (), which has the appearance of double quotation marks, and then heh (ה, 5).

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According to other sources of information, the Saka era (or Shaka Sambat era) was discontinued in its 1823 year. Along with Nepal itself, the Bikram Samwat is nowadays widely used in the West and North-West of India as well.

These are the places where in ancient times the Indo-Scythian Kingdom was located.

Modern Israel's coins carry Hebrew dating formed from a combination of the 22 consonant letters of the Hebrew alphabet and should be read .

Nevertheless, to get the correct output from the converter you must enter the symbols as you see them from left to right, which is not correct from the Hebrew point of view.

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