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She should set up a weekly workout session with those heffas and charge them.At least it would be a steady income, and would actually be of help.With a so many indie web series to watch it's easy to get tangled up in the world wide web, so here are 17 of our faves. 1 book on sustaining a successful marriage and are now finding themselves on the verge of a divorce and under surveillance by a documentary film crew.Just to save face, they are forced to take a dose of their own medicine: couple's therapy.A talented, but distracted photographer, Lola, on the verge of success in both love and work, could lose it all if she doesn't make it to a crucial meeting on time. With her job and girlfriend on the line, she has three chances to make it right. In a desperate race through the streets and back rooms of San Francisco, time grows short-will Lola make it? With a pop sensibility that mixes live action, animation and still photography, And Then Came Lola explores love's age old question in a fresh new way, "If you try, try again, will you finally get it right?

Born on March 20, 1970 in Yonkers, New York, Cathy De Buono first came into the limelight as a volleyball player who won two gold medals during the United States Olympic Festival in 19.

She also won numerous awards and medals in her area of sports expertise.

Due to a knee injury, she had to end her volleyball career and shift to a less strenuous field.

The pair star, produced and directed the hit online series "We Have To Stop Now" which chronicles the trials of a power lesbian therapist couple struggling to keep their marriage alive.

Cathy: I fell in love with her sense of self, her sense of humor and her straight forwardness.

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