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"Nothing worse than a hoary fanny." Grey Pubic Hair: Should It Stay Or Should It Go? A touch of silver is clearly a no-no on the nou-nou. A friend even drew pictures of pubic topiary options for him on a table napkin at The Wolseley. Everything droops as you age and the ones I've seen look vile." I am now in the depths of depilatory despair. A whole range of products could eliminate the six signs of genital aging.

I call my best pal, Angela, with whom I share every twist and turn of my dating life. " "Strip the lot off," comes the crisp and definitive reply. He had the self-same dilemma when he finished with his partner of 15 years about five years ago. Perhaps I won't sleep with the Muddy Farmer after all. A little neatly cropped pepper and salt seems the lesser of two evils compared to him running screaming from the room at the sight of my bald, drooping, aged fanny. If only L'Oreal knew the insecurities that lie below our belts.

But don’t be too picky, else you may find you’re not matched to anyone.So if you are a farmer looking for a wife or someone thinking “where can I meet single farmers? Since our first muddy wedding in 2007 we tried to keep track of the number of marriages and babies but lost count by about 2009!Many people ring us or come to tell us in person at a show so we don’t have a record of it, but when people write in to tell us we like to post it on our countryside dating success stories page – whilst this is just a small fraction of the number of success stories we have had it is definitely worth taking a look.Muddy Matches is a friendly UK dating site aimed at people who enjoy the countryside and all of the muddiness that goes with it. A countryside events calendar also helps to keep you up-to-date with events around the country.Setup back in 2007 the site has quickly grown to become the most popular dating site for country-folk, farmers and townies who enjoy getting muddy and breathing the crispy fresh countryside air. So if you like to get out, be social, and meet like minded muddy folk, then keep a close eye on the events calendar.

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