Powerpuff and rowdyruff dating emotional effects of dating violence

"Brick, with his head resting on his right side of the table, whined, "It's hard…"Blossom tugged on her hair and clenched her teeth as Brick watched her in amusement, something that the Pink eyed girl did not notice. "The Powerpuff girl stomped away from her boyfriend (who was in the living room) and into the kitchen to retrieve a snack to calm her down. She opened box and the inside bag, grabbing a thin sick with chocolate and munched on it before she grabbed another one and repeated the process. She knew that he was intelligent, maybe slightly smarter than her (but that's something she'll NEVER admit to him) yet he acted so immaturely at times.

Of course it wasn't the level as when he was a child but sometimes Blossom thought he was getting there. Blossom couldn't understand why he acted so difficult (though she realized sometimes she was the difficult one). I will have one slice of Apple cake, and one chocolate milk shake" the girl said as Bubbles wrote her order. The door opened and there stood Boomer, looking for a table. Proffessor was making Chocolate Milkshake and looked at Bubbles. She listened harder; they were less than a block away. "Boomer, wake up."Boomer groaned and opened his eyes a little. ""You have to wake up they're coming."Boomer sat up. ""They're outside." Bubbles jumped up and opened the window. Later that evening after dinner the girls were in their bedroom and the hotline rang. "You have to get out of here." She picked up the pizza and handed it to him. Blossom flew over and answered it."What's wrong Mayor? "The Rowdy Ruff Boys are causing trouble, let's go!

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