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The first step will be to make sure your project is using a new enough version of tk-core.The minimum version required for Hiero is v0.16.31, and for full Nuke Studio support v0.17.0 or later is required.How to see text in the text box just after inserting it?Update: I find updates" sprinkled around, but that is a poor way to write the code.We are wanting an experienced designer to embrace the TK style and standard and take this department to the next level.As a Digital Designer we believe you need to be passionate about new technology and excel in a multitude of different disciplines with an excellent working knowledge of others, but this ever-evolving role requires someone who is constantly updating their skills and expertise.With the release of Nuke 9.0, The Foundry has moved Hiero into being a launch mode of Nuke, plus added Nuke Studio as an all-new application.Shotgun Toolkit now supports all three via a single engine that incorporates the functionality of both the older versions of tk-nuke and tk-hiero, plus adds a number of additional features to help support some of the new, unique workflow features of Nuke Studio. If you have any additional questions not answered here, please contact support.

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Almost always, you avoid the problem by setting up a timer, rather than use sleep.

Try taking the sleep(1) out of your code, and see if that speeds up the text inserts.

I need to see which ids are processed but only get whole list at the end.

It's like buffering with filehandles but i'm not sure.

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