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Over the course of many tireless months working much harder than actual college students, we’ll be conducting our noble Search for America’s Best College Town.Now keep in mind, we’re not really talking about academics at all, and in some ways, even sports are only a small part of the formula.A sex crime charge will affect your reputation, your liberty, where you live, who you talk to, how you travel – literally every aspect of your life.Because of the publicity of past cases involving sex related offenses, especially those involving children, a person facing charges will more than likely face potential prejudice and discrimination from law enforcement, the jury and even court personnel.Kestel had believed the guardian and girl were real, but the conversations were with an undercover detective during Operation Tailspin, an Internet sex sting designed to catch people preying on children.Kestel, who was convicted and sentenced to prison in January 2013, was one of eight men arrested in that police operation — and one of more than 1,000 people arrested in similar stings and investigations across Florida since 2010.Every evening, those in the know gather at dusk to watch more than 100,000 bats (!!

At our Florida law firm, we can help you prosecute or defend against the following injunctions: Note: Florida Statute §784.046 prohibits the assessment of filing fees for injunctions for protection against repeat violence, dating violence and sexual violence.

It’s the everything else -- the bars, the burgers, the bars, the buildings, the lovable famous weirdos on the streets, the weather, the bars -- that build a college town’s case. Next up: Gainesville, home of the University of Florida.

From party rafting and gator encounters, to drag racing and sunbathing coeds, here are 16 reasons why there's no better college town in America.

If you or someone you know is the victim of crime, it is important that you contact agencies that can help you start to heal physically and emotionally from a crime.

Listed below are some on campus agencies that may be able to assist you.

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