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The band's live shows have become legendary both for their length and power.The DVD includes many songs from The Dirty South album, as well as favorites from other DBT records.She played bass on their next two records, The Dirty South and A Blessing and a Curse, before contributing her first songs on 2008's Brighter Than Creation's Dark.She wrote three songs on that record: "I'm Sorry, Huston", "Home Field Advantage", and "The Purgatory Line". Jones on his record Potato Hole and Bettye La Vette on her record The Scene of the Crime.The Athens, Georgia-born band has been together for two decades, building a devoted following almost entirely through non-stop touring.

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When tuning into the evening news, following the presidential race or simply scrolling through social media, it’s obvious that our nation is in a transitional phase. Politics and entertainment have always courted each other, and one band that’s never shied away from a political statement is the Drive-By Truckers.

The album touches on everything from racial tensions to gun violence and political fear-mongering. In the meantime, there’s a good chance some people clicked on this article saying “Drive-by who?

” You’re likely not going to hear Drive-By Truckers on any mainstream radio station or see them performing on a televised awards show.

In 2013, Tucker stepped out on her own, and her first album with her band Eye Candy, A Tell All, shows that she can fill a whole album with the sort of gems she showed off one or two at a time with the DBTs.

These songs move back and forth between country, R&B, and folk influences, but Tucker always sounds proudly, defiantly Southern, not just in terms of her music and the solid, easily versatile support of her band (featuring fellow DBTs veteran John Neff) but in stories that deal with love, family, and relationships both good and bad in a manner that's long on home truth and short on BS.

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