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Hännah writes about growing up in a large homeschooling family, her experiences with Christian patriarchy and SGM, and the freedom she's found in the intersection of feminist discourse and grace-centered Christianity. ”This became the standard greeting in Sovereign Grace Ministries, trickling down from the “mothership” church in Maryland to the other churches across the US and to mine, in Richmond, Virginia. I had to tone myself down (emotional modesty), not ask too much (selflessness), not attract too much attention (humility).

Be sure to check out Hännah’s blog or follow her on Twitter.*** “How are you doing? I had to give up my hobbies and interests to “serve” my family.

Doing all of this was worth it, of course, because any suffering that resulted would be better than I deserved.

Once I heard the analogy in a sermon about how the pastor was a “spiritual covering” over the congregation, a God-ordained role.

Christians, particularly those who follow various “Young, Restless, and Reformed” leaders, should be aware of and informed about the disturbing allegations brought against Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM).

On May 14, eleven plaintiffs filed an amended class action civil lawsuit alleging church leaders of covering up child sex abuse crimes through the 1980s and 90s, and requesting about million dollars in damages against SGM.

After living in California, her family moved to Virginia in 2000 to join a Sovereign Grace Ministries church, where they experienced and participated in 10 years of cult-like spiritual abuse. Mahaney would crow his response: “Better than I deserve! ”I learned how to fit in at our church, hoping it would let me find close friends like the other girls had.

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For most of his career, Joshua Harris was the kind of evangelical pastor who chuckled at the joke that “seminary” should really be called “cemetery.” The son of a national home-schooling leader — home-schooled himself — Harris by his mid-20s had become a prominent pastor as well as a best-selling author on religion and sex, despite having no formal theological training.

Harris said the thinking of the church was that such allegations should be handled as an internal, spiritual issue, though church spokesman Don Nalle noted that Covenant Life has contacted civil authorities in other abuse cases in the past. there will be so many excesses that the pendulum will swing back the other way.” Of course, being part of a denomination doesn’t guard against institutional scandal — witness sex abuse coverups at high levels of Orthodox Judaism and Catholicism, among other places. It feels like the trainer is killing us, but we’re actually just getting healthy.” Covenant Life was the flagship congregation of Sovereign Grace, a cluster of churches founded in the 1980s by a former hard-core partier named C. Followers called Mahaney “apostle,” and critics said he behaved like a cult leader. humiliated and being brought low.” He removed the Gaithersburg church from Sovereign Grace the next year, but the sex abuse allegations and criticism about the way pastors had treated victims continued at Covenant Life.

A lawsuit filed by different alleged victims was dismissed largely because the statute of limitations had expired. We need to learn from the historic church about ways that there is better accountability and responsibility.” Experts on American religion say Covenant Life in some ways is a case study of nondenominationalism — a part of U. religion that can be difficult to measure but that experts believe is expanding — and the possible ramifications of the dissolution of religious structures. churches are nondenominational evangelical, research shows. “One of the significant problems is that it’s left to the church or the individual pastor or leadership board to in essence police themselves or create relational ties. Harris also praises the benefits of independent churches like Covenant Life. Building criticism from other evangelicals over Mahaney’s leadership style and the sex abuse allegations brought national controversy to Sovereign Grace, which in 2011, Harris preached, was “being publicly spanked . All of this led Harris, he said, to reconsider his own journey and whether formal education might help him.

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