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id=pcmcat218900050012"the case is clear; it is just a simple case.i had it for a while and it did not break or anything.

although, after a while, the silver button covers on the side of the case for the volume/lock screen buttons came off.i was able to put them back in, but they came out again soon afterwards.

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The history of The Ojai really dates back to 1887 when Sherman Day Thacher came to Ojai to become a farmer and grow citrus.

It is a well known fact that the 2 megapixel i Phone camera isn't the best phone camera around and even more disappointingly is that it cannot capture video recordings.

Of course, as well as many intelligent university students, Oxford also boasts a wide array of highly successful and professional graduates, business men and women and creative souls, too.

The first tennis tournament in Ojai was held on that court in 1893.

As part of his involvement with Valley and the town, then Nordhoff, Sherman Thacher helped found the Ojai Athletic Club in 1894; and the next year, William Thacher decided to form a club devoted to tennis, and so the Ojai Valley Tennis Club was born.

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